About Computer Science Bursaries

There are a great number of bursaries offered in Computer Science.  There is a need for qualified skilled professionals within South Africa.  Bursaries for Computer Science are offered to candidates who are in need of financial assistance to complete their qualifications and become an active member of society.

The companies offering bursaries for these fields of study are many therefore the possibilities are limitless.

Companies in South Africa Offering Computer Science Bursaries

Here are some of the most common study fields in computer science to consider:

  • Information Systems – BSc IS
  • Informatics – BCom-IT
  • Computer Science – BSc IT
  • Nano Technology & Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Informatics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Computer Science has so much to offer, the following criteria have to be met.

  • Are you a South African citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card?
  • Can you prove the need for financial assistance?
  • Do you have outstanding academic records?
  • Do you have leadership skill with a desire to learn?

IT or Computer Science has so many possibilities and lucrative work opportunities will be available within South Africa and also international.  Many of the companies that do offer bursaries require candidates to work for a period after completion of studies for the company.  Candidates should enquire about this before accepting bursaries for computer science.

The opportunity to start one’s own business is also possible if there is sufficient funding. Develop your future and build a brighter better tomorrow by becoming a productive part of society.  There is a drastic shortage of skilled workers in Computer science.

Computer science if a fascinating field and the bursaries for computer science available have many perks to offer.  If you know this is what you are interested in and dedicated to improving your future then look at what these companies have to offer and make your application.  Only you can decide where you will be in ten years’ time.