This has enabled Fasset to partner with public providers from Universities and Universities of Technology registered with DHET to ensure that learners are fully bursared in order to obtain formal qualifications that will ultimately enhance their chances of securing learnerships, internships or full time employment in the broader economy including in the Fasset sector.

About the FASSET Bursary

FASSET’s mission is to:

  • increase the flow of new finance and accountancy entrants to employment;
  • develop and grow skills required in the sector; and
  • facilitate the transformation of the finance and accountancy sector.

The introduction of the Bursary Scheme is a vehicle that will assist in facilitating the achievement of FASSET’s mission. The purpose of the bursary is to incentivise employers to financially assist learners to complete their tertiary qualification.

It is a full bursary which means the following will be covered:

  • Full Tuition;
  • Accommodation;
  • Meals; and
  • Books

Areas of study
Only qualifications linked to FASSET’s scarce skills will be funded and the guide can be found on the website at under “The list of FASSET’s top ten (10) scarce skills for 2017/18”. The list of scarce skills are comprised of the following occupations:

  1. Accounts and Auditors
  2. ICT Professionals
  3. Management Consultants
  4. Financial Markets Professionals
  5. Bookkeeping, Accounting Technician and Clerks
  6. Internal Auditors and Risk Managers
  7. Actuaries and Statisticians
  8. Debt Collectors
  9. Marketing Professionals
  10. Economists

FASSET Bursary

FASSET Bursary Details

FASSET Bursary Requirements

How to Apply For FASSET Bursary

Closing Date For FASSET Bursary Application

Please make sure you read all the detailed information on FASSET in order to avoid making mistakes during the application process.