About Governmental Bursaries

There is a number of Government Departments offering bursaries to talented students in a wide variety of fields.  The aim is to aid talented individuals to reach their goals and provide the country with a stable workforce in all fields.  Bursaries are offered each year to students who are in need for a little financial help to study.

Bursaries Offered by Government Departments

Here are some of the most commonly found study fields to consider:

Candidates wanting to follow any of these fields of study will need to have the following to qualify for a bursary.  Each government department also has their own additional requirements.

  • Candidates must be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card.
  • Candidates must be able to prove their need for financial aid.
  • Candidates must have outstanding academic records with proof of acceptance at a higher learning institute.
  • Candidates must prove that they are from a previously disadvantaged background.

With these fields of study available, the doors to South Africa and the world is open to successful students.  There are many local and international companies one could consider when looking at any of the fields accessible although candidates have to confirm ahead of time with the departments if there will be a work-back period.

They can also provide candidates the opportunity to head their own businesses if sufficient support is gained.  These bursary programs have many perks to offer in addition to giving the candidates a future to strive for.