Siemens Bursary Program

Siemens is a technology company within South Africa aiming to add its mark upon the success of the country.  Their bursary program is developed to aid in the future of the country as well as empowering the people.  Each year they select talented students who can be active in the workforce in addition to aiding to the growth of the economy.  Their bursary program offers approximately R1 Million each year for bursaries.  Most of these bursaries are awarded to deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Siemens bursaries for cover costs for Universities and also Technikon’s throughout South Africa.  Their bursaries are valid for a one-year period but are renewable yearly for completion of studies.  They are looking for people who love to ask the right questions and find even the hardest answers.  Siemens has spent more than R180 million on educations and training in the last ten years alone, and they are dedicated to keeping up their contribution to the growth of spirited individuals.

They also offer their employees opportunities to train further and gain knowledge in leadership, management skills, commercial activities as well as business administration.  If you are dedicated to making a change that counts, Siemens may have a bursary for you.  Students who receive bursaries from Siemens will also be required to join their workforce for a period of one year or more, depending on the bursary.

Siemens Bursaries Available

Siemens is proud to offer you the following study fields with their bursary programs:

  • Engineering Industrial – BSc / BEng
  • Engineering Electrical – BEng / BSc
  • Engineering & Built Environment
  • Engineering Electronic – BEng / BSc
  • Information Technology
  • Sales & Marketing

Siemens Bursary Requirements

Students wanting to apply for a bursary will have to provide the company with the following documentation:

  • Student must be a South African Citizen
  • Student must have a valid ID book or card
  • Student must meet the standard for entry in your chosen field at the Institute
  • Student must provide complete academic records
  • Candidates must provide proof of need for financial aid

Candidates from previously disadvantaged communities will get preference.

Siemens Bursaries Application Form

Bursaries online applications are not available at present but you can visit Siemens for more details and keep an eye open for when bursary applications do become available.  Interested students can also send an inquiry to the following address, this address is also to be used to send you bursary application form with relevant documentation to, once completed.

Siemens Bursary Contact Details:

Siemens Limited

Bursary Department

Private Bag X71

Halfway House


Siemens Bursary Closing Date

Applications usually close around the end of July each year, so students wanting to apply must ensure all documentation is received before this date.

If you are dedicated and committed to making a change within your community as well as aiding the economic growth of South Africa, Siemens may be looking for you.  Would you like to join Siemens and it’s more than 405, 000 employees.  Are you open-minded and understand this world we live in, then you may very well be an ideal candidate.