UFS Bursaries 2021 Academic merit bursaries for senior undergraduate students

Academic merit bursaries (senior undergraduate)

The University reserves the right to amend without prior notice, the regulations and bursary values and/or conditions applicable to the awarding of bursaries.

An academic merit bursary is based on the achievement of a student in a particular course and is associated with the tuition fees that are applicable to that course. An academic merit bursary is automatically awarded on the basis of the academic achievements of a student during a previous year.

The award is made with the provision that a student achieve an average total examination mark of at least 75% at the end of a calendar year.  All modules that were taken are considered in the calculation of the average of 75%, in other words, also modules that were failed, discontinued and where there is no admission to examination.

The following formula is used to calculate the value of the bursary:

Tuition fees of each module in which a distinction is achieved x mark achieved for the specific module/100 x a calculation factor, for example Module XYZ = R300 x 75/100 x 1,0 (as an example/subject to change) = R225.

  • Students from the Career Preparation Programmes
    Academic merit bursaries will be awarded to students from the Career Preparation Programmes. The calculation for the merit bursaries only applies to the courses offered by this University.
  • Varsity College Students

UFS Varsity College LLB students are eligible for academic merit bursaries to the value of 50% of a bursary of a Bloemfontein Campus student.  All other terms and conditions also apply to these students.

  • Students from other universities
    Academic merit bursaries will only be considered after a written application, accompanied by a certified copy of a study record and proof of fees that were paid for the specific modules/course, had been submitted to the Financial Aid Office.
  • First-year students who first registered at other higher education institutions
    First-time entering first-year students, who first registered at other higher education institutions, discontinued their studies and then register at this University, will not qualify for academic merit bursaries during their first year of study.
  • Interruption of studies
    In order to qualify for an academic merit bursary, a student must again register at the University as a student. If there is an interruption of more than 5 years between the last examination, matriculation or university and the year in which the bursary must be awarded, the student does not qualify for a bursary.
  • Discontinuation of study
    If a student discontinues his course during the year, the bursary will be recovered pro rata.
  • Final year students
    Students who qualified for the academic merit bursary at the end of their final year of study need to register for a degree at the UFS within 5 years.  If a student do not register within 5 years from their final year of study the academic merit bursary will be forfeited.
  • Payment of academic merit bursaries
    Students who qualify for an academic merit bursary will have the bursary amount credited to their class fee account after registration at the UFS.
  • Undertaking
    The student undertakes to complete his degree studies at this university. If he/she does not complete the course, Council reserves the right to claim back the bursary as a whole or a part thereof which may already have been paid out to him/her. However, every case will be treated on merit.A bursary may at any time be withdrawn if the behaviour, diligence or progress of the student is found to be unsatisfactory. If the examination results of a bursar are such that he will have to repeat the studies of a full year/semester, the bursary will be regarded as a study loan and it will have to be paid back.
  • Occasional studies

Students who register for occasional studies do not qualify for merit bursaries based on their academic achievement of the previous year nor academic achievements during their occasional studies.

  • BML (Baccalaureus in Management Leadership)

Students who register for BML studies do not qualify for merit bursaries based on academic achievements during their BML studies.