Details Of University of the Witwatersrand Bursaries

Fees and Bursaries – Details Of University of the Witwatersrand Bursaries


As an indication of the cost, we provide the fees charged in 2016. Fees were raised in the past by around 10% but were not raised from 2015 to 2016. Fee increases for , if any, have not yet been announced.

In 2016 fees are as follows:

  • Tuition fee for South African citizens or permanent residents for full-time study towards the MBE Housing: approximately R47 940
  • Tuition fee for foreign students for full-time study: approximately R47 940 plus an additional foreign registration fee of
    o R5030 (SADC and beyond – including Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe).
    o Full-time foreign students also have to pay a medical aid of approximately R3 360/year upfront (this was the amount for 2016)

Part time students only pay the fees for the course/s which they are registered for. In 2015, part time students are charged R29 000 for four courses. Their fees in the second year will be slightly lower, as they will only take one more course and do their research. However the annual fee increase will apply to them.

All South African students are required to pay R9 340 towards their fees at registration (Jan/Feb of the year of study). However, in 2016 exemptions could be motivated and the fee payment made at a later stage. It is not clear as yet if this will apply in .

International students (SADC and beyond – including Botwsana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe) are required to bring to produce at registration either an official letter from their bursar, or make a payment of 75% of the full tuition fee for the year including the international registration fee of R5 030.

FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT FEES (FEES OFFICE): University of the Witwatersrand Bursaries

South African students:
Ms Carol Radasi
[email protected]
Tel: +27-(0)11-7174912

International students:
Mark Cryer
[email protected]
Tel: +27-11-7171533

Please note that accommodation costs are not included in the fees.

SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES – University of the Witwatersrand Bursaries

Most bursary applications must be accompanied by proof of admission. We therefore encourage you to apply for admission to MBE (Housing) as early as possible. This may allow you to have a letter of admission before the bursary closing dates.

Please find a comprehensive list of bursary and scholarship opportunities at

See application forms at

Foreign students are also encouraged to apply for bursaries from their home countries and governments.

NRF Freestanding, Innovation and Scarce Skills Development Fund


Masters and Doctoral scholarships are awarded through a competitive process following a merit review process.


  • Scholarships are open to South African citizens, South African permanent residents as well as a limited percentage of non-South African citizens registered at a South African public university.
  • All applicants for full-time Masters or Doctoral studies in South Africa must be registered** or, intending to register at a South African public university and would reside in South Africa for the duration of the degree.  
  • The NRF would normally award 2 years’ masters’ funding and 3 years’ PhD funding to first time registrants in . **Students who have already registered for the degree in previous years will only be supported for the remaining portion of the degree. This means that a student who will be in their 3rd year of masters registration or 4th year of PhD registration in will not be eligible to apply. The NRF calculates from the actual calendar year of registration so this would often not correspond to the Wits registration year.
  • Applicants that already hold a degree at the level for which they are applying for funding are not eligible.

Applicants must apply on the NRF Online system at: and follow the application process set out in the Application and Funding Guide.  All applicants must consult with his/her proposed supervisor in the process of submitting an application to ensure that the supervisor is in agreement with the scientific aspects contained in the application and, the proposed work plan for completion of the degree.