Bank Of China Online Money Transfer

Bank Of China Online Money Transfer

In today’s technology-driven world, it is more convenient to send money online than with cash or a cheque, whether you are splitting a bill with pals, buying something, or giving a present.


The world runs on cash, yet cash is becoming more and more digital. Cash users can feel left out of the loop when everything is done online. Even while it might seem that bank drafts, money orders, checks, wire transfers, or actual cash are becoming extinct, Bank of China can help.

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In this article will just speak about the Bank Of China Online Money Transfer service and how it can help you.

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Benefits of using Bank Of China Online Money Transfer

  • With access to over 30 online services, such as account overview, transaction information, and term deposit account management—all from the convenience of your phone—you can easily perform banking activities from the comfort of your home.
  • You may quickly transfer funds to other BOC accounts, your own BOC account, and accounts with other banks—both locally and internationally—by using Bank of China’s online banking service.
  • Profit from minimal transfer costs and attractive currency rates, makes it affordable.
    Bank of China offers strong online banking security features to guarantee safe transactions. Your money is therefore quite safe wherever it may end up.
  • The most useful feature is that you may use the internet to request that checks be stopped, which gives you an easy method to manage your funds.
  • That is not all another, an advantage is that you can get to benefit from competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees, making it cost-effective.

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Requirements to transfer money online with Bank Of China

  • An internet connection
  • A device to access the Bank Of China Banking portal
  • Bank Of China bank account
  • You need to be a Bank Of China Internet Banking customer
  • Recipient’s bank account number

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