Citibank Singapore Account Types And Benefits

Citibank Singapore Account Types And Benefits

There are many Citibank Singapore Account Types And Benefits that would suit you when opening an account. If you want to open an account read How To Open Citibank Singapore Account.


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Citibank Singapore Account Types And Benefits

Citi Wealth First Account

You can take advantage of worldwide banking privileges, 0% foreign transaction fees in over 150 currencies with Citibank worldwide Wallet, and financial advising tools like Citigold Total financial Advisor with this account.


For those of you who are not like me, do not get too excited just yet because you must have a $250,000 minimum deposit or investment to start this kind of account.

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Basic Bank Account:

People with monthly incomes under S$2,000, like me, are eligible for this account.

While there is no minimum deposit required for this account, unlike the Citi Wealth First Account, there is a $2 monthly charge. However, this price is waived for those who receive Special Grants from the Government or are participants of the Public Assistance Scheme.

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Basic banking services, immediate payments, monthly statements, an ATM card, and transfers are all included with this SGD-denominated account.

Citi MaxiGain Account

This Citi MaxiGain account may earn you 0.31%*p.a. on your savings.

With S$70,000, you may join Citi Priority Relationship and take advantage of priority banking packages at discounted prices. Furthermore, a minimum deposit of S$10,000 is required. When it was initially released a few years ago, this was fantastic.


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MaxiSave Account

The MaxiSave account offers an attractive daily interest-earning account with interest rates as high as 7.51% p.a. With Citibank’s Maxisave Account, you can earn income with just a $1 minimum and an appealing interest rate. Regretfully, new users can no longer access it. You receive all of the standard ATM cards, ibanking services, and a debit card with this account.

Tap & Save Account

Get cash refunds of up to 1%. With a Tap & Save Account, you may use it for your everyday purchases and receive a cash reward of up to 1%. Additionally, it gives your investments a greater interest rate of up to 0.13% p.a.*.

Citibank Junior Savings Account

As your child accumulates funds, that child earns interest.  A child in this case is someone below the age of 15.

When the kid reaches the age of 15, they are issued an international ATM card and have access to Citibank’s online banking platform to efficiently handle their finances.

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The account holder will receive 0.05% annual interest on the savings account if the balance is higher than S$30,000; otherwise, you will receive 0.05% annual interest.

Money Market Account

To start an account, you must deposit a minimum of $30,000. 0.01% p.a. is given to you for the whole account. The minimum age to open this account is sixteen (16) and there are no checking options associated with this account.


Just see the one that best fits you and start using it.