How To Open LGT Bank Account

Documents Needed To Open LGT Bank Account

We need to provide the documents needed to open LGT bank account because all banks and financial institutions in Singapore are required by the law to collect information about people opening financial accounts to verify identity which is known as KYC.


Because LGT Bank accounts let you store your money securely and access it when needed, they’re practical and safer solutions.

Clients now have access to more efficient ways to potentially transform their lives thanks to LGT Bank. It is now feasible to obtain better financial services and solutions that are tailored to their particular needs.


Before going ahead to look at the documents I would want you to look at How To Open LGT Bank Account

Overview of LGT Bank in Singapore

To fulfill each client’s specific requirements and objectives, LGT offers individualized wealth management solutions.

The bank provides a variety of financial services, such as portfolio management, trading advice and execution, asset management, and investment advising.


In order to assist customers in making sustainable and forward-thinking asset investments that benefit both present and future generations, the bank strives to offer individualized wealth management solutions.

For ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs), LGT provides specialist services that guarantee a high degree of individualized attention and assistance.

Additionally, they provide thorough solutions for wealth transfer, succession planning, and estate planning.

With an emphasis on long-term and sustainable investments, LGT Bank has been providing services to affluent clientele for more than a century.

Legal Documents Required for Opening a bank account in Singapore

  • A passport or a government-issued identification card that bears the account holder’s name and other bio details
  • A Proof of Residence Verified by a Passport for foreigners or bank statement/utility bills/mobile bills within 3 months etc
  • You may also present any additional financial documents, in some cases, some banks like LGT bank may require proof of tax residency if you declare tax residency in your home country and not in Singapore.

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