How To Open a Savings Account for a Child

How To Open a Savings Account for a Child

Opening a savings account for a child is a valuable way to teach them about money and financial responsibility. It’s an investment in their future financial well-being.


This article provides a guide on the simple steps to open a savings account, guiding parents on how to nurture their child’s financial literacy and help them start saving for their future.

A bank or credit union should be chosen. In the US, there are numerous different banks and credit unions. Find one that offers the features and interest rates that are best for you by doing some research.


When opening a savings account for a child, consider joint or custodial accounts. Joint accounts give equal ownership to the child and allow access once they reach majority age.

Custodial accounts involve the parent controlling the money until the child reaches majority. Encourage savings by giving gifts and allowances, setting financial goals, and teaching about money management.

Help your child learn the importance of saving money and develop good financial habits by setting financial goals and teaching them about budgeting and debt avoidance.

How To Open a Savings Account for a Child

Check the required minimum age

The minimum age to start a child’s savings account varies among banks and credit unions. From bank to bank, this criterion may be different.

Assemble the necessary paperwork

The necessary paperwork may differ from bank to bank, but it usually consists of the child’s birth certificate, identification for the parents or guardians, and proof of residency.

Complete an application

The application will request the child’s personal data, including name, residence, and birthdate. Additionally, information about the parent or guardian may be requested.

Make a down payment

To start a savings account, you must make a minimum deposit. The minimum deposit amount may differ from one bank to the next.


Fill out the papers

After completing the application and making a deposit, you must sign the documentation. This is the official start of the savings account.

In conclusion, Opening a savings account early in a child’s life teaches them valuable financial lessons, including wisdom, responsibility, and goal-setting. Nurturing financial literacy from an early age equips them for future financial success.

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