How to Open DBS Bank Account

How to Open DBS Bank Account

Arguably Singapore’s biggest bank, DBS offers a wide selection of personal and commercial account options. Opening a bank account with DBS makes financial sense because they have more than 150 branches in Singapore.


To meet your specific financial needs and lifestyle, DBS provides a wide range of account kinds. DBS has you covered whether you want to save for a rainy day, a major purchase, or retirement.

Everything you need to know about opening a bank account in Singapore, including the documents required, is detailed in this article.


Eligibility Criteria for Opening a DBS Bank Account


To be able to open a bank account at DBS you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • Also make sure you are a resident of Singapore or planning to become one i.e. with documents to prove it especially if you are not a citizen.
  • Deposit SGD 3,000 minimum into your account.
  • If you are a foreigner you must have a local proof of ID and physical address.
  • Having a valid pass (e.g., employment/study pass) is also a very huge requirement.
  • Prepare your Singapore (+65) cellphone number and your FIN number.

Ways to Open a DBS Bank Account

  • Online Account Opening Process

  1. For immediate savings account opening, go to the digibank website or download the mobile app.
  2. Now get ready with your PAN card, proof of address, and other paperwork.
  3. Make certain that Video-KYC has a stable internet connection. For verification, finish the video KYC.
  4. After the account is opened, get your debit card and account startup package.
  • In-Person Account Opening at Branches

  1. You are required to go to the DBS Bank branch in Singapore that is closest to you.
  2. After that, let the branch’s teller know that you want to create an account with them.
  3. And then, you have to complete the application for starting an account. (The documents in the eligibility criteria)
  4. All you need to do now is select the kind of savings account, enter your Aadhar card, self-attested PAN, and basic facts.
  5. That’s all; all you need to do now is send in all the necessary paperwork.