ICICI Bank Loan Facilities And Requirements

ICICI Bank Loan Facilities And Requirements

In this article, I have compiled all the ICICI Bank Loan Facilities And Requirements necessary for anyone who wants a loan from them.


Before going in for any of the loans, you must ensure that you can comfortably manage the monthly loan repayments, you should assess your financial situation.

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ICICI Bank Loan Facilities available

  • Demand Loan

These loans give companies the flexibility to access cash as needed and may be an effective financial instrument for effectively managing their short-term capital requirements. Repayment plans for demand loans are flexible, enabling borrowers to modify them in accordance with their cash flow requirements.

  • Revolving Credit Facility (RCF)

Interested parties can get more help by contacting ICICI Bank’s Corporate Banking Department to apply for the Revolving Credit Facility.

  • Term Loan (fixed or floating)

Companies may get in touch with ICICI Bank Singapore directly to talk about their financing requirements, qualifying standards, and application procedure if they’re interested in taking out term loans.

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In contrast to floating interest rates, which can change depending on the state of the market, fixed interest rates provide stability and certainty in repayment terms.

  • Bridge Loan

A bridge loan is a kind of short-term financing that fills the gap between short-term funding or revenues from a sale and short-term financial demands. In order to cover cash flow demands until permanent funding can be secured or assets are sold, firms frequently employ it.

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  • Overdrafts

A new or existing current account can be linked to an overdraft facility offered by ICICI Bank, which is secured by fixed deposits. Businesses may manage working capital requirements, pay for operating expenditures, and take advantage of business possibilities with the flexible access to money that these overdraft arrangements offer.

  • Receivables Financing or Factoring

Businesses may get financing options from ICICI Bank where they can get money against their accounts receivable. Companies in Singapore may improve their cash flow and stability by using the factoring solutions offered by ICICI Bank.


If you have any questions feel free to use the ICICI Bank Customer Service Numbers to contact them or use ICICI Bank Contact Numbers And Branch Locations to visit them.