Nomura Singapore Bank Customer Service Numbers

Nomura Singapore Bank Customer Service Numbers

In this article, I have listed all the working Nomura Singapore Bank Customer Service Numbers that can be used to reach them for any inquiry.


But before that, you need to know that the customer care department serves a lot of customers so be very polite when dealing with them.

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Nomura Singapore Bank Customer Service Phone Number

You can contact them by dialing 65 6433 6288

Always keep in mind that for international calls, cell phone roaming charges may apply.

The Nomura Singapore Bank Customer Service Center operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week Meaning they are available to always help you.

Nomura Singapore Bank’s official website

If you want more detailed information on Nomura Singapore Bank’s global services and locations, you can just go to their official website by visiting:

Over there, the provided information includes customer service numbers for various regions in the World and details on how to contact Nomura Singapore Bank for assistance and emergency services.

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Nomura Singapore Bank email address

Email them using: [email protected]


Their customer service will respond to all your queries about the financial services offered by Nomura Singapore Bank.

Nomura Singapore Bank Social Media Platforms

If you want to contact the bank on any social media platform, you can use the handles below and their customer agents would be very happy to assist you.




About Nomura Singapore Bank

Using knowledge from global markets, investment banking, and asset management, Nomura, a prominent financial organization in Japan since 1925, offers access to local and international investment possibilities across a range of asset classes.

In Singapore, Nomura Singapore Ltd offers a variety of services to both institutional and individual clients.
As a member of the Nomura Group, it provides corporate, institutional, public sector, and government clients with solutions in the areas of global markets and investment banking.

The Dubai Financial Services Authority oversees Nomura Singapore Limited (DIFC Branch), which is based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).


With an integrated network covering more than 30 countries and regions, Nomura is a prominent worldwide financial services firm. It is well-known as an investment bank with roots in Asia and a broad global reach.