OCBC Bank Account Types And Benefits

OCBC Bank Account Types And Benefits

After trying out many banks in Singapore I can confidently tell you that OCBC is one the best to deal with Wait this is not a marketing tactic but if you compare them with the various you need to see that.


In this article, I am going to tell you some of the bank accounts you can create with them and the benefits that come with it.

But before that talk a little about OCBC bank


About OCBC Bank

An OCBC account is a life-saver for people who want control of their finances, and knowing how to open an OCBC account would be very good.

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Limited, abbreviated as OCBC, is a Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered at the OCBC Centre.

It is the second-largest financial services group in Singapore by total assets. They are among the top players in bancassurance sales, home loans, unit trust distribution, personal credit, small and medium-sized enterprises market, and the Singapore dollar capital market.

You need to open an account because opening a bank account with OCBC may provide you with a number of benefits, including easy access to your money, financial security, a reduction in check-cashing costs, and overall financial peace of mind.

Benefits of OCBC bank accounts

These are some of the enjoyments of owning an OCBC bank account:

  • When you successfully create a new account within 30 days and deposit at least S$1,000 in fresh funds* into your USD Global
  • Savings Account or Statement Savings Account, you will get an extra S$15 cash incentive.
  • When you deposit at least S$8,000 in new funds* into your USD Global Savings Account or Statement Savings Account during the first month of opening your account and keep it open for two months, you will earn a S$68 cash incentive.
  • Access to exchange for major currencies such as AUD, CAD, CNH, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, and USD would be provided by having an OCBC bank account.
  • Lower interests on loans.
  • Additionally, when you use the OCBC Debit Card for overseas transactions, you may earn S$0 in admin fees.

If you are interested in creating an account you can look at How To Open OCBC Account

Types of OCBC bank account

  1. OCBC 360 Account: This is one of their entry accounts where the requirement is low. With this, you can earn bonus interest rates on deposits.
  2. FRANK Account: This account has things like digital banking services and customized debit cards targeting at the younger demographic.
  3. Mighty Savers Account: It is a savings account for kids.
  4. Premier EasiSave Account: High-net-worth people may take advantage of exclusive banking services and privileges with this account.
  5. Current Accounts: Simple current accounts that provide simple transactions with checkbook features.