Standard Chartered Bank Online Money Transfer Steps And Procedures

There have been many instances where you might have been stranded while using the Standard Chartered Bank Online Money Transfer to perform an activity but worry no more.


Standard Chartered offers innovative and user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms for seamless access to financial services

In this article, we will find out the Steps And Procedures to use the Online Money Transfer Standard Chartered Bank.


Steps to Transfer Money via Standard Chartered Bank Online

Transferring money can be as easy as ABC, just have a look at it below.

  1. Step 1- Log in to your Standard Chartered Bank Mobile
  2. Step 2- You can now select the type of transfer you wish to make: local transfer, international transfer, or other options available
  3. Step 3- Click on “Add a new funds transfer payee”.
  4. Step 4- Type the info of the Payee (receiver)
  5. Step 5- Confirm Payee (receiver)  details.
  6. Step 6- Successfully add SCB Payee.
  7. Step 7- To make a transfer, select from the list of payees.
  8. Step 8- Input the fund transfer info.
  9. Step 9- Enter your “One Time Passcode” (OTP).
  10. Step 10- The transfer is successfully submitted.


Sending money online can be very quick and easy but not always so to have a successful Online Money Transfer you should meet these requirements.

  • Active internet connection
  • Details of the payee
  • Enough balance
  • OTP

Standard Chartered Bank Online Money Transfer Tips

You should keep in mind that the average turnaround time for a fund transfer made online with Standard Chartered Bank is one to two business days.

The procedure for international transfers may change based on the involved currency and destination. It’s crucial to remember that for you to use this service and receive cash from an overseas telegraphic transfer, the receiving bank needs to have a fast code. You also need to have a foreign currency account.

There are other transfer alternatives as well, such as SLIPS, which requires 1-2 working days for the beneficiary’s end of the transaction to clear, or quick transfers made using LankaClear’s Common Electronic Fund Transfer switch, which allows the recipient to get the monies right away. Depending on the kind of transfer and the country of destination, the precise date and cost of the transfer may also change.


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