United Overseas Bank Account Types And Benefits

United Overseas Bank Account Types And Benefits

If you want to find a trustworthy and efficient savings account in Singapore, then you need to see the United Overseas Bank Account Types And Benefits in this article.


You may choose from a variety of account kinds to ensure that it best suits your needs and financial goals. Whether your goal is to save for a rainy day, a significant purchase, or retirement, United Overseas Bank has you covered.

The best savings account isn’t always the one with the greatest interest rate; instead, it’s the one that satisfies your lifestyle and banking needs.


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However, make sure you’ve read the article on opening a United Overseas Bank bank account.

The United Overseas Bank accounts that could be the greatest fit for you can be examined below.

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United Overseas Bank Account Types And Benefits

The different types of United Overseas Bank accounts are UOB One Account, UOB Stash Account, UOB Lady’s Saving Account, KrisFlyer UOB Account, UOB Uniplus Account, and/or UOB Passbook Savings Account.

In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to look at the benefits each of them can provide.


UOB One Account:

You may now take advantage of an interest rate as high as 7.8% p.a. with the UOB One Account provided you meet two requirements. This entitles you to the following credit cards: UOB One, UOB EVOL, UOB One Debit Visa, UOB One Lady’s Debit, UOB One Debit Mastercard, and UOB Mighty FX Debit (formerly known as the Lady’s Card/Lady’s Platinum/Lady’s Solitaire Credit Card).

UOB Stash Account

The UOB Stash Account allows you to save your savings and offers interest rates of up to 5% per year with no transaction requirements, making it a great option if you have more than S$10,000.

UOB Lady’s Saving Account

This is a savings account that provides various health and fitness advantages along with free coverage against female cancer. Your account balance determines how much insurance coverage you receive.

KrisFlyer UOB Account

The only account that rewards you for your spending and saving with miles and interest. You receive an extra 5 miles for every $1 you spend with a UOB card that qualifies.

UOB Uniplus Account

Excellent for assisting youth in saving. According to the admission requirements, anyone can register an account and begin their financial adventure as young as 15 years old.

UOB Passbook Savings Account

This account is passbook based. In addition to the high daily interest rate, you may benefit from a 3-year fee waiver for your UOB Debit Card as well as a free worldwide ATM card.


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