United Overseas Bank Online Money Transfer

United Overseas Bank Online Money Transfer

United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) is a well-known bank in the area, with more than 500 offices scattered throughout 19 nations and territories in Western Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.


United Overseas Bank Limited, or UOB, is a regional bank with its headquarters situated in Raffles Place, Singapore, with branches mostly in Southeast Asian countries. Among the three “big local banks” in the country is this one.

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Benefits of using United Overseas Bank Online Money Transfer

  • Sending money overseas from Singapore costs UOB consumers an extra 0.1255% of the total transaction amount. Contributions must include all relevant cable and agency fees, with a minimum of S$10 and a maximum of S$100.
  • Every country has a fixed S$20 cable cost. The other countries all have a set S$30 fee.
    You’ll know almost instantly whether the internet transfer was successful.
  • You will need additional transaction signatures for ad hoc transfers over $1,000 and transactions exceeding $5,000 to existing payees.
  • If you utilize UOB online banking for an international money transfer, you will be charged a fee equal to 0.0625% of the transfer value. If you want to make your transfer at a UOB branch, there is a fee associated with it that is equal to 0.1255% of the amount transferred.
  • The daily cap for money transactions is S$3,000. Transfers of funds to other UOB and OCBC accounts share this restriction. The consumer, for example, transfers $1,000 to an OCBC account and $1,000 to another UOB account.
  • The funds will often reach the Beneficiary within one to five business days. This would, however, vary according on the country and beneficiary bank that gets the funds.
  • Customers of the participating banks may now use the new FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) electronic funds transfer service to move money between banks almost instantly in Singapore dollars.

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Requirements to transfer money online with United Overseas Bank

  • An internet connection
  • A device to access the United Overseas Bank iBanking portal
  • United Overseas Bank account
  • You need to be a United Overseas Bank iBanking customer
  • Recipient’s bank account number

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