Bank Of China Credit Card Types And Differences

Bank Of China Credit Card Types And Differences

The Bank Of China Credit Card Types And Differences can help you when you want to achieve the most on your card.


Obtaining a credit card offers benefits. One of the easiest methods to make payments is using a Bank of China credit card. You may benefit from several prizes, interest-free credit, and cash-free living if you use it properly.

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Credit card usage is as easy as you make it. It will be simple if you, as the cardholder, adhere to a few fundamental guidelines for the duration of your credit card’s validity.

Examining your spending patterns is the first step in the credit card buying process.

Could you profit, for instance, from getting paid back in cash for groceries or gas? Do you wish to accrue points or miles for your regular travels? Do you find hotel discounts to be significant?

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In this article, we are going to look at the various Bank Of China Bank Credit Card Types And Differences.

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Bank Of China Credit Card Types And Differences

These are all the various types of Bank Of China Bank Credit Cards:

  1. BOC Qoo10 Credit Card: This credit card offers benefits and rewards for purchases made on Qoo10, along with additional privileges such as dining and entertainment rewards.
  2. BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard: Travel-oriented, this credit card offers rewards in the form of air miles for purchases as well as travel benefits like lounge access and travel insurance.
  3. BOC Zaobao Credit Card: Chinese-speaking customers may benefit from special benefits and incentives with this card, which was created in collaboration with Lianhe Zaobao.
  4. BOC Family Card: For household bills like food and utilities, users can receive cash refunds and prizes.
  5. BOC Visa Infinite Card: You receive an exclusive credit card loaded with opulent extras like trip insurance, airport lounge access, and concierge services.
  6. BOC Sheng Siong Card: Best for supermarket customers at Sheng Siong since it provides points for purchases and cash refunds.
  7. BOC F1RST Card: This card is the greatest for me as a young adult student since it gives points and cash rebates based on lifestyle choices.
  8. BOC Travel Card: Benefits include travel insurance and savings on travel-related costs.
  9. BOC Great Wall Platinum Card (VISA/MasterCard): Offers several advantages, such as cashback, prizes, and privileges for regular purchases.

Now that you know the differences, I hope you will be able to know the one to go for.


If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section or use the Bank Of China Customer Service Number to contact them.