Citibank Singapore Credit Card Types And Differences

Citibank Singapore Credit Card Types And Differences

The Citibank Singapore Credit Card Types And Differences can help you when you want to achieve the most on your card.


Obtaining a credit card offers benefits. One of the easiest methods to make payments is using a Citibank Singapore credit card. You may benefit from several prizes, interest-free credit, and cash-free living if you use it properly.

In this article, we are going to look at the various Citibank Singapore Bank Credit Card Types And Differences.


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Citibank Singapore Credit Card Types And Differences

Citi PremierMiles Card

If your credit is good to exceptional and you meet the minimal credit limit requirements, obtaining a Citi Premier® Card is not too difficult.

The Citi PremierMiles Card was once presented as a premium product with a minimum income criteria of S$80,000, similar to the DBS Altitude and UOB PRVI Miles Card (cardholders were also asked to join Citigold for a year with a lower AUM requirement).

With special perks like priority pass lounge access at airports, complete travel insurance coverage, points that never expire, and alluring online trip booking promos, it is a top option for regular travelers.

Citi Cash Back+ Card

With no minimum or maximum amount, get 1.6% cashback on all qualifying purchases. Additionally, you may save up to 14% at Shell and Esso gas stations.

You must be at least 21 years old, have a minimum annual income of S$30,000 (for Singaporeans and PRs), or S$42,000 (for foreigners), and be planning to apply for the Citi Cash Back+ Card.

High spenders will love it since they may utilize the limitless cash back to the fullest.

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Citi Rewards Card

Families or individuals who are regular online and offline shoppers could benefit from the Citi Rewards Card.

According to the bank, you receive S$1.00 for every 440 points.

Furthermore, it is the only credit card that has an unlimited maximum on the number of automated roundups of points collected to the nearest 10 points for each transaction.


The minimum annual income required by the Malaysian Securities Authority (MAS) for a credit card is S$30,000 for the Citi Rewards Card.

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Also, individuals such as myself who do not fulfill the required minimum income threshold would be eligible to obtain a protected version of the card by making a S$10,000 fixed deposit with Citibank.

Citi Cash Back Card

0.25% cash back on all retail purchases, extra cashback of 5.75% on dining, 7.75% on groceries, and/or 7.75% on petrol transactions globally are all yours if you spend S$800 or more in total retail during a statement month.

The annual income criterion is S$30,000. After your card is approved, you have 30 days to activate it and spend at least S$500. Read more about Citibank Singapore Internet Banking

Citi Prestige Card

If you are thinking about getting another Citi rewards card or already bank with Citi, the Citi Prestige could be the finest option available.

Each dollar you spend domestically earns you 3.25 points, and each dollar you spend abroad earns you 5 points. It works best with Luxury Travel Benefits.

One wonderful feature is that you only have to pay up to $100 if your card is used without authorization, whether online or offline.

Citi SMRT Card

The Citi SMRT Card could be the greatest credit card for users who spend a lot of money in a select few categories and frequently use public transit.

The Citi SMRT Card offers fantastic savings as you may save up to 5% on your everyday expenses and online purchases. To receive the highest cashback on this Visa card, you just need to spend S$500 as a minimum.

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One drawback is that the total amount of refunds is limited to 600 SMRT dollars annually, beginning on the day your card is issued.


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