Citibank Singapore Online Money Transfer Steps And Procedures

If you want to transfer money then this article about Citibank Singapore Online Money Transfer Steps And Procedures is your perfect guide. In this article, you’ll see how you can transfer money to anyone with ease and the things you need to know when sending cash.


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So let us start with the


Requirements to transfer money online with Citibank Singapore

  • An internet connection
  • A device to access the Citibank Singapore iBanking portal
  • Citibank Singapore account
  • You need to be a Citibank Singapore iBanking customer
  • Recipient’s bank account number

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Please be aware that all international transfers made through Citibank Singapore outside Singapore can not exceed S$ 250,000^. Transfer funds to other Bank’s/Organisation’s Accounts have a daily transaction limit of S$ 200,000.

Citibank Singapore Online Money Transfer Steps

1. Access the Citibank Singapore online banking portal by logging in.

Visit your Citibank Singapore’s website or app. Choose “online banking.” Go through the home screen of your bank’s website and select the “online banking” option. If you do not see the words “online banking,” simply search for the “login” button. Download the bank’s banking app to your internet-connected smartphone from either the Play Store or App Store.


2. After choosing “Payment & transfers,” select “Set up a Wire Transfer”

Select the kind of transfer you wish to make: bill payments, including credit card bills and billing companies; international transfers without commission or cable costs; or local transfers.

3. Next, select one destination account by clicking on it

It is the bank that is to receive the last payment order in a payment transaction. See Citibank Singapore ATM And Branch Locations

4. Enter the beneficiary bank’s SWIFT code

Most banks include their SWIFT code in customer account details and on their mobile apps, websites, and statements. Otherwise, you can request

5. Put the recipient’s bank account information in there

The amount of funds that you wish to transfer. The account number of your receiver. A payment reference, which is often your name so the recipient knows where the money came from.

6. Make sure all the information is accurate

Go over all the information have typed to make sure they are correct. In the event of any mistake, the bank has very little control over it. Check out the Citibank Singapore ATM And Branch Locations

7. Give the transaction your approval

After confirmation, the money will be sent using the chosen method and ought to show up in the recipient’s account appropriately.


If you have any difficulty feel free to use the Citibank Singapore Customer Service Numbers to reach them or leave a comment here for me to respond.