DBS Bank Customer Service Numbers

DBS Bank Customer Service Numbers

DBS Bank has different contact numbers for different customer services. In this article, I have provided you with all the working phone numbers you can use.


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DBS Bank Customer Service Phone Number

You can easily call them toll-free by dialing 1860 210 3456 / 1860 267 1234 if you are in Singapore


But if you are not in Singapore you can call by dialing (65) 6339 6666 or (65) 6327 2265

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You may call our 24-hour Customer Service Centre at 1800 339 6963 or (65) 6339 6963 from overseas if you want to check the full details of a charge on your statement.

To complain about a lost cards and fraud call 1800 339 6963 or (65) 6339 6963 from overseas.

For any enquiries about DBS Corporate / SME Banking call 1800 222 2200 or (65) 6222 2200 if you are not in Singapore.

Always keep in mind that for international calls, cell phone roaming charges may apply.

The DBS Bank Customer Service Center operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week Meaning they are available to always help you.


If you want more detailed information on DBS Bank’s global services and locations, you can just go to their official website. Over there, the provided information includes customer service numbers for various regions in the World and details on how to contact DBS Bank for assistance and emergency services.

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You may chat with their Virtual Assistant or Live Chat agent at

You can follow Asia’s most loved bank, DBS Bank, on various social media platforms for updates, promotions, and banking tips.

About DBS Bank Singapore

With its headquarters located in Singapore’s Marina Bay Financial Centre, DBS Bank, formerly known as DBS Bank Limited, is a well-known worldwide banking and financial services company.

When the Singaporean government founded DBS Bank on July 16, 1968, it was first called The Development Bank of Singapore Limited. On July 21, 2003, it changed its name to its current, shorter form. Look at the DBS Bank Credit Card Types And Differences


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