Documents Needed To Open BNP Paribas Account

Documents Needed To Open BNP Paribas Account

Opening a BNP Paribas Account comes with many benefits and enjoyments. It also offers a modern to transact in this technological world.


But not everyone is privy to the details of opening an account at BNP Paribas. You can see that here How To Open BNP Paribas Account.

We have listed all the processes it would take for you to open an account in the link above so you do not need to worry.


Before you open an account you need to look at the documents that may be required and make sure you have them with you when you are about to open your account.

Not having them would make it very difficult for you to open your bank account and start transacting with it. These banks require these documents because of regulatory requirements also to protect their customers.

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Have a look at the documents below.

Documents Needed To Open BNP Paribas Account

To be able to open a bank account at BNP Paribas Bank you must meet the following requirements:

  • Application Form for Banking Facilities

The banks use this to collect vital information for evaluation and can also be used in court as proof of you owning an account with them.

  • Company and Business Profile

This helps BNP Paribas to see all the relevant details about your activities that may not be available to the public.

  • Certificate of Incorporation

It demonstrates that your company has been set up properly. It also demonstrates that it is listed on the public company register and that it is a separate legal entity.

  • Directors’ Resolution

This document helps BNP Paribas to specify the roles, obligations, and privileges that the directors or members uphold in regard to the banking requirements of the business.

  • Past audited financial reports

BNP Paribas wants to know how much of your assets are offset by the liabilities of your company. The data presented here ought to be “current”.

  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment

The bank must confirm your business’s income and ensure you have no taxes owed to the government.


If you encounter any difficulty or challenges relating to this matter, BNP Paribas Customer Service Numbers use the to get some help.