HSBC Bank Account Types And Benefits

HSBC Bank Account Types And Benefits

There are many HSBC Bank Account Types And Benefits that would suit you when opening an account. If you want to open an account read How To Open HSBC Bank Account


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HSBC Bank Account Types And Benefits in Singapore

Everyday Global Account

Shop and take out cash for free in ten different currencies.


With this kind of account, you may receive interest on your SGD savings with your Everyday Global Account of up to 4.60% each year.

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Additionally, if you are a new member of the HSBC Everyday+ Rewards Program, you will get a one-time bonus cash reward of SGD150 or SGD300.

You may earn additional interest and rewards on most, if not all, of your key purchases with the HSBC Everyday+ Rewards program.

The majority of young working professionals should find the HSBC EGA to have a variety of useful features and capabilities. With HSBC EGA, you may easily keep ten different currencies in one account.

To qualify for it, a S$100 minimum initial deposit is required.

HSBC Foreign Currency Time Deposit Account

An HSBC Foreign Currency Time Deposit Account can be of interest to you if you want to save money in a foreign currency.

With this kind of account, you can deposit money and promise to keep it with the bank for a predetermined amount of time in exchange for a higher interest rate.

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HSBC Foreign Currency Current Account

When you create an account in USD, you will receive a checkbook, monthly statements, an ATM card that is connected to your account, and online and mobile banking services.

A minimum of $5,000 USD or its equivalent must be deposited as your first payment. Make money in the currency of your choice with excellent interest rates.

Time deposit (Also known as Fixed deposit)

It has enticing interest rates, adjustable deposit terms, automatic renewal, and an SGD 5,000 minimum deposit needed to start an account.

You can be required to pay penalties or forfeit any accumulated interest if you need to withdraw your money out of the bank before the term is over.

Right now, HSBC offers the best-fixed deposit rates (3.65% p.a.) for a three-month commitment term.

HSBC Premier

With perks including granting family members access to worldwide HSBC services, individualized wealth management solutions, and premier banking status, HSBC Premier offers special banking services.

For those looking for individualized services and worldwide connections, HSBC Premier offers a variety of benefits and incentives, such as cash credits and welcome gifts.

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This makes it a complete banking solution. You may also receive up to S$1,800 in cashback annually with the HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card, which is 5% of your domestic and international purchases.

In order to qualify, an individual must open an HSBC Premier account with a minimum of SGD100,000 (or the equivalent in another currency) in qualified wealth or insurance products, as well as an additional Total Relationship Balance of SGD300,000 in fresh funds.


If you have any questions feel free to use the HSBC Bank Customer Service Numbers to contact them or use HSBC Bank Contact Numbers And Branch Locations to visit them.