HSBC Bank Credit Card Types And Differences

HSBC Bank Credit Card Types And Differences

The HSBC Bank Credit Card Types And Differences can help you when you want to achieve the most on your card.


Obtaining a credit card offers benefits. One of the easiest methods to make payments is using an HSBC Bank credit card. You may benefit from several prizes, interest-free credit, and cash-free living if you use it properly.

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In this article, we are going to look at the various HSBC Bank Credit Card Types And Differences.

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HSBC Bank Credit Card Types And Differences

  • Visa Platinum Credit Card

For a cash refund on the everyday expenses of your family, this card works well. Receive a cash refund of up to 5% on dining out, groceries, and gas.

You pay an annual charge of 194.40 SGD in addition to receiving a cash return of up to 5% depending on the kind of expenditure.

Also, Caltex and Shell offer you gasoline savings of 21.15%. Get an extra 1% in HSBC Everyday+ cashback when you open an HSBC Everyday Global Account.

The card’s rebate scheme demands a continuous monthly spend of S$600 or more in order to be eligible for this rate.

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  • Advance Credit Card

You may earn up to 3.5% in cash back with the HSBC AdvanceCredit Card, which is based on a basic rate of 2.5% plus an extra 1% if you qualify.

There is a S$196.20 yearly charge in addition to an annual interest rate of 26.90%.

For the purpose of qualification, a Singaporean or PR must earn a minimum of S$30,000, whereas a non-Singaporean must earn a minimum of S$40,000.

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  • Revolution Credit Card

Ideal for earning points for contactless and internet purchases. See, when you spend contactlessly on mobile and internet, you receive 10X Rewards Points (4 mpd).

With every S$1 spent on all online and contactless transactions, cardholders receive an amazing 4 miles (10 points).


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If you are not a Singaporean or PR, you can still apply with a 10,000 SGD deposit.

If you are a Singaporean or PR, your minimum income requirement is S$30,000, and for a non-Singaporean, it is S$40,000. Everything from online meal delivery to reservations for vacation is included in the ten criteria.

A yearly charge does not apply.

  • Visa Infinite Credit Card

Perfect for a unique way of living. There is a minimum income criterion and a hefty yearly charge for this card.

With a hefty annual fee and minimum income requirements that require you to make at least 120,000 SGD annually, the HSBC Visa Infinite Credit Card is a premium credit card.

Weekday green costs at Sentosa Golf Club’s Serapong and New Tanjong Course are free, while green fees at 50 Participating Golf Clubs are discounted by 50%.

  • Premier Mastercard® Credit Card

Great for frequent usage at home and abroad.

Using the HSBC Premier Mastercard credit card can help you save up to S$1800 year with a 5% cash rebate on daily purchases, a number of travel benefits, and more.

To prevent transaction denials due to changes in credit card data, Premier Mastercard® Credit cardholders are automatically enrolled in the Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater service, that is one of the secrets.

Despite the S$650 annual charge on the HSBC Premier Mastercard® Credit Card, there are ways to avoid it, such as by fulfilling certain requirements or spending levels.

  • HSBC TravelOne Credit Card

Spend and quickly redeem your rewards to earn up to 2.4 miles. Get a free airport lounge pass per year together with free travel insurance.

For primary cardholders, the yearly charge for the HSBC TravelOne Card is S$194.40. For local purchases, cardholders may accrue 1.2 miles per dollar, while for foreign currency purchases, they can accrue 2.4 miles per dollar.


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