List of the Best Mortgage Calculators to Check Out

There are several reputable mortgage calculators available online that can assist you in estimating your monthly mortgage payments, affordability, and other related calculations. Here are some of the best mortgage calculators to consider:


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Zillow Mortgage Calculator:

Zillow’s mortgage calculator provides a user-friendly interface and allows you to estimate monthly payments, compare loan options, and calculate affordability based on various factors.


Bankrate Mortgage Calculator:

Bankrate offers a comprehensive mortgage calculator that helps you calculate monthly payments, generate amortization schedules, and compare different loan scenarios.

NerdWallet Mortgage Calculator:

NerdWallet’s mortgage calculator provides detailed calculations, including estimated payments, total interest paid, and a breakdown of principal and interest portions. It also offers interactive charts and graphs for visual representation.

Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans:

Quicken Loans’ mortgage calculator allows you to estimate monthly payments, explore loan options, and calculate affordability. It offers customizable inputs and provides a breakdown of costs. Mortgage Calculator: provides a simple yet effective mortgage calculator that allows you to estimate monthly payments, total interest paid, and generate amortization schedules. It also offers additional calculators for refinancing and prepayment analysis.

Freddie Mac Home Possible Mortgage Calculator:

Freddie Mac’s calculator is specifically designed for their Home Possible mortgage program. It helps you estimate monthly payments, evaluate different scenarios, and determine eligibility. Mortgage Calculator:’s mortgage calculator provides an easy-to-use interface to estimate monthly payments, compare loan options, and calculate affordability. It offers additional features such as tax and insurance estimates.


When using any mortgage calculator, it’s important to note that the results are estimates and may not reflect the exact figures you will encounter during the loan application process. It’s always recommended to consult with a mortgage professional for personalized advice and accurate calculations based on your specific financial situation and loan requirements.