Maybank Singapore Online Money Transfer

Maybank Singapore Online Money Transfer

Maybank Singapore Online Money Transfer streamlines the procedure of transferring money from Singapore. We’ll talk about all that you need to know about Maybank Singapore Online Money Transfer in this post.


Maybank, which has more than 2,200 branches and offices spread over 20 countries, is ranked among the top 5 banks in South East Asia, according to the bank’s website.

They provide foreign exchange loans and deposits, trade finance, treasury services, and Islamic banking options among other international banking services.


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A wide range of financial services and products are provided by Maybank Singapore in Singapore, including credit cards, loans, mortgages, savings accounts, investments, and personal and Internet banking.

Maybank Singapore, one of Singapore’s top financial institutions, offers a wide range of financial services to organizations, enterprises, and individuals but the Maybank Singapore Online Money Transfer is something you fall in love with.

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So you know that your Online Money Transfer is in good hands. Look at some of the benefits below.


Benefits of using Maybank Singapore Online Money Transfer in Singapore

  • Maybank Singapore’s extensive network and efficient cross-border payment solutions enable you to send and receive money with ease anywhere in the globe. Transferring money with another bank involves a few procedures.
  • You see, customers like you can send money easily and quickly from the comfort of their home or place of business using Maybank Singapore’s online money transfer service, saving time and effort.
  • Also available to users are competitive foreign currency (FX) prices on the weekends in addition to real-time FX rates that are updated continuously, Monday through Friday.
  • It is simple to arrange for future or recurring payments to ensure that you never overlook an overseas payment.
  • A summary of your transfer, including the anticipated arrival time, amount, and charge, is also sent to customers who utilize the money transfer service.

With the Maybank Singapore Online Money Transfer service you get the option to send up to S$200,000 daily with a default daily limit of S$10,000, providing customers with flexibility in managing their fund transfers.

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Requirements to transfer money online with Maybank Singapore

  • An internet connection
  • A device to access the Maybank Singapore online banking portal
  • Maybank Singapore bank account
  • You need to be a Maybank Singapore online Banking customer
  • Recipient’s bank account number

If you have any questions feel free to use the Maybank Singapore Customer Service Numbers to contact them or use Maybank Singapore Contact Numbers And Branch Locations to visit them.