Standard Chartered Bank Account Types And Differences

Standard Chartered Bank Account Types And Differences

There are many Maybank Singapore Account Types And Benefits that would suit you when opening an account.


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Standard Chartered Bank Account Types And Differences

Easy Banking Account:

With features that are typical for daily banking requirements, this account is Basic.


Customers who have an Easy Banking Account may manage their money without having to worry about keeping a specific amount.

In order to facilitate easy access to cash for routine transactions and ATM withdrawals, account holders may acquire a debit card that is connected to their Easy Banking Account.

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Premium Wealth Account:

An account with improved wealth management services and perks. Savor priority banking services, such as priority lines at branches and priority channels for client support.

Customers can profit from the Wealth $aver Account and Time Deposits with interest rates as high as 3.50% p.a.

Priority Wealth Account

Account created with special advantages for priority banking clients.


Observe that each and every Priority Wealth client is given a personal Relationship Manager who helps with all aspects of banking and investing. Additionally, clients who sign up a family member or friend for Priority Banking can earn up to $2,000.

Bonus$aver Account:

On their first S$100,000 Average Daily Balance in the Bonus$aver Account, customers may earn interest of up to 7.88% p.a.

Senior Savings Account:

Customized for customers that are 55 years of age or older.

For seniors seeking a hassle-free savings alternative and a handy and adaptable banking solution, the Senior Savings Account provides benefits like no salary crediting requirements, no lock-in period, and no minimum deposit.

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Young Adults Savings Account:

It is intended for young adults, as the name implies, who are between the ages of 18 and 26.

Specifically designed to meet the financial needs of young adults, this account offers interest on SuperSalary deposit amounts as well as daily interest profits.

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Foreign Currency Account:

Offered with high-interest rates in nine different currencies. With features like incentives for utilizing the Multi-Currency option and LiveFX for currency exchange, this account makes international and foreign currency transactions easier.

With just USD 2,000 or the equivalent, you may open a foreign currency account with FCY$aver.


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