Standard Chartered Bank Loan Facilities And Requirements

Standard Chartered Bank Loan Facilities And Requirements

In this article, I have compiled all the Maybank Singapore Loan Facilities And Requirements necessary for anyone who wants a loan from them.


Before going in for any of the loans, you must ensure that you can comfortably manage the monthly loan repayments, you should assess your financial situation.

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Standard Chartered Bank Loan Facilities And Requirements

CashOne Personal Loan

A simple loan with predetermined monthly payments to assist with money management. You may also take advantage of S$2,500 in FairPrice E-Vouchers and S$4,000 in cashback.

3X Cashback on the interest paid in the first month, plus an additional 1% in FairPrice E-Vouchers for new customers based on the amount of the accepted loan.

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Debt Consolidation Plan


Get up to S$500 Cashback when you apply for an initial evaluation using just your NRIC and proof of income.


Credit Card Funds Transfer

Up to S$250,000 in cash are accessible to you, contingent upon your credit limit. In addition to enjoying a low processing cost of 1.80% (EIR from 4.86%), you can transfer with flexibility.


This loan option includes a bank margin in addition to a 3-month compounded SORA. The rate on two-thirds of your deposits will be the same as the rate on your mortgage loan, up to the total amount of outstanding loan principle. The interest rate on the remaining deposits will be 0.25% per annum.

Home Suite

Take advantage of a set margin starting at 1.35% for fixed home loan packages and attractive interest rates for your mortgage loan rate, which is based on the bank’s annual prevailing interest rate.

HDB Home Suite

For two or three years, a homeowner pays fixed-rate interest. Following the predetermined payment term, he pays a board rate equivalent to a fixed deposit rate for two or three years plus an additional 1% margin spread for the balance of the loan.

Commercial and Industry Property Loan

Financing at competitive rates is available with the Standard Chartered Bank Commercial & Industrial Property Loans.

Green Mortgage

With this package you can make a constructive contribution to the environment and society.