How To Register for DBS Bank Mobile Banking

How To Register for DBS Bank Mobile Banking

The DBS Bank Mobile Banking is a very innovative service. And today we are going to look at how to register for it.


You can have a quick glimpse of some of the benefits of using DBS Bank Internet Banking.

This innovative service allows you the ease and convenience of a 24-hour efficient and secure banking experience on a real-time basis anywhere in the world with a Mobile phone.


And registering for one allows you to apply for new credit cards and accounts, as well as manage your money via the DBS Bank Mobile Banking app.

So in the paragraphs below, we are going to see how to register for DBS Bank Mobile Banking.

Criteria To Register For DBS Bank Mobile Banking

The eligibility requirement is a very easy one and similar to internet banking.

  1. You must be 16 years old
  2. In addition, when registering with DBS Bank, you will need to supply your email address and cellphone number.
  3. A personal or joint-alternate account with any of the following banks is required in order to register for DBS Bank Internet Banking.

To open an account look at the How to Open DBS Bank Account.


DBS Autosave/Current/Savings Plus or POSB Savings/Current Account
DBS or POSB Credit Card/Debit Card
DBS Cashline/Home Loan with Servicing Account

Now that we have seen the requirements let us look at how to register for it.


If you have any difficulty feel free to use the DBS Bank Customer Service Numbers.

Steps To Register For DBS Bank Mobile Banking

  1. Download the bank’s mobile application to your internet-connected smartphone from either the Play Store or App Store depending on your phone’s system.
  2. You can either generate your login ID and password using your debit card or log in using the net banking credentials you were provided with when you registered for your account.
  3. You may also change your login password after logging in using either face recognition or fingerprint ID, depending on your preferences.
  4. Discover all of the advantages that DBS Mobile Banking has to offer, such as investing, paying bills, and transferring money.
  5. Use the DBS Bank smartphone app to get extra services like creating a new account or adding new billers or payees.